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Academic year 2023/2024

Coordinator Prof. Andrea Cipollini
Class of Master's Degree (MSc) on Economics (LM-56)
2 years
Free access
Department of Economics and statistical Sciences
University of Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik (CROATIA)
Université de Tunis El Manar, Tunisi (TUNISIA)
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Course info
The educational programme of the 2nd cycle Degree Course in Economics and Finance aims at providing students with an advanced knowledge of economic and financial disciplines, completing and refining the knowledge acquired in the curricular courses of class 33 and raising the quality standards to levels close to those achievable in other European Union countries. This objective is achieved through the advanced study, during the first course year, of economic analysis and policy, of the business sciences most connected to economic science, with the addition of advanced legal disciplines and mathematical-statistical disciplines and further knowledge of the English language. The course may subsequently be articulated with specific teachings dedicated to economic and financial analysis and the evaluation of public policies. Further classes are related to the study of the regional economic context. The specific economic-financial paths focus more on the quantitative aspects related to the finance sector (both in the statistical and mathematical field), on at least two specialized economic subjects, investigating the functioning of financial markets, on further disciplines of a historical or quantitative kind, related to the functioning of the banking and credit sector. The specific paths with a public and territorial orientation favour further economic teachings in the field of applied economics and economic policy, as well as teachings of a statistical nature in the public-territorial field and business-oriented teachings in the sector of administration and management of public entities and services. The educational program that favours the use of quantitative methods applied to economic research in a multidisciplinary context. The objective is to train economists capable of interpreting systemic and market economic phenomena, also suggesting in-depth analysis or possible lines of intervention. These professionals will be able to operate in all the autonomous professions of the economic area or as managers or officials both in the private and public sector. Some training paths enable the students interested in the profession of chartered accountant to access the respective Register according to the procedures provided for by the agreements in force.
Profile: Economist Functions: Intermediate or managerial functions specialized in economic matters with responsibility functions Skills: Analysis of economic and financial issues and related statistical evidence Professional opportunities: Economic research centers or companies, research and economic and financial analysis branches of public agencies and private companies Profile: Expert in regional development economic programs and plans Functions: Planning and support of the implementation of support policies, intervention and regulation of the economy Skills: evaluation of public policies, participation in working groups that analyze complex economic problems to indicate solutions Professional opportunities: Public bodies, territorial public agencies, consultancy companies Profile: Local development consultant Functions: Conducting research to analyze and understand the functioning of local systems in order to suggest territorial development policies and management policies of tourism systems Skills: Local development expert with economic skills, territorial and tourism marketing expert, evaluator and planner of territorial policies Professional opportunities: Consulting firms, municipalities, regional administration Profile: Bank Officer and Financial Specialist Functions: Analysis and interpretation of information to formulate opinions, prepare indications and proposals on financial matters, financial transactions ensuring compliance with the relevant laws and regulations, quantitative analyzes on investment programs and plans, risk assessment and modalities for the payment of loans Skills: financial problems analyst, risk and credit line analyst Professional opportunities: Intermediate official in banking and insurance institutions, Analyst and financial promoter as a freelancer or in financial companies Profile: Inspection functions in institutions dedicated to the control of financial markets. Functions: Verification, control and assistance on the correct application of the laws and regulations of the State in financial matters, Skills: banking and financial vigilance, consultancy Professional opportunities: Officials in the public administration offices in charge of banking and financial supervision, private consultants Profile: Administrative officer Functions: formulation of proposals and opinions to the managers on whom they functionally depend, implementation of projects, administrative activities and procedures entrusted to them with coordination of the activities of subordinate personnel. Skills: coordination of activities of national and local administration offices, autonomous companies, universities, research agencies and the National Health Service, Professional opportunities: National and local administration, autonomous companies, Universities, Research agencies and the National Health Service, Profile: Tax and financial consultant Functions: Professional and tax advice to individual citizens or to private companies or public and non-profit organizations. Skills: Analysis of the strategy, structure and production cycle of companies or organizations to improve their performance, analysis of tax issues concerning customers to identify the most appropriate responses to the demands coming from the economic system. Professional opportunities: Professional offices, consulting and auditing firms
It consists of the preparation and discussion of a degree dissertation in which, with the knowledge acquired with the various educational activities, candidates should be able to demonstrate the acquired capability of analysing, with a critical approach and personal contribution, theoretical or applied economic issues, including financial issues and issues related to public policies, economic-financial evaluation, or specific themes related to the specific educational objectives of the 2nd cycle degree course. Students may, if they wish, take the final examination in English.

course outline
Teachings first year
credits Term Val. Area Scientific sector
15503 - PUBLIC ECONOMICS Details BERRITTELLA (PA) (*) in english 8.0 1 V B SECS-P/03
15969 - PROBABILITY AND STOCHASTIC PROCESSES Details ADELFIO (PO) (*) in english 6.0 1 V C SECS-S/01
21911 - INTERNATIONAL, EU AND COMPARATIVE LABOUR LAW Details (*) in english 6.0 1 V B IUS/07
21912 - ENGLISH LANGUAGE B2 (*) in english 4.0 1 G F
15507 - MATHEMATICS FOR ECONOMICS AND FINANCE Details CONSIGLIO (PO) (*) in english 10.0 2 V B SECS-S/06
17644 - CORPORATE STRATEGY Details MOCCIARO LI DESTRI (PO) (*) in english 8.0 2 V B SECS-P/08
18120 - TOPICS IN ECONOMIC POLICY Details FURCERI (PO) (*) in english 8.0 2 V B SECS-P/02
22568 - ECONOMIC ANALYSIS C.I. Details GIANSANTE (RD) (*) in english 8.0 2 V
Free subjects 8.0 D
Teachings second year
credits Term Val. Area Scientific sector
06634 - INTERNSHIP (*) in english 6.0 1 G F
15506 - RISK MANAGEMENT Details SCANNELLA (PO) (*) in english 6.0 1 V B SECS-P/11
15519 - INDUSTRIAL ORGANISATION Details TESORIERE (PA) (*) in english 6.0 1 V B SECS-P/06
15508 - INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS Details FAZIO (PA) (*) in english 8.0 2 V B SECS-P/06
16047 - THESIS (*) in english 16.0 2 G E
Stage and others 6.0 F
Elective activities
Stage and others credits Term Val. Area Scientific sector
11028 - INTERNSHIP 6 CREDITS (*) in english 6.0 1 G F
11033 - INTERNSHIP 3 CREDITS (*) in english 3.0 1 G F
11351 - INTERNSHIP 5 CREDITS (*) in english 5.0 1 G F
15458 - INTERNSHIP 4 CREDITS (*) in english 4.0 1 G F
21166 - INTERNSHIP. 1 CREDIT (*) in english 1.0 1 G F
21167 - INTERNSHIP 2 CREDITS (*) in english 2.0 1 G F
22650 - OTHER ACTIVITIES 5 CFU (*) in english 5.0 1 G F
22651 - OTHER ACTIVITIES 6 CFU (*) in english 6.0 1 G F
22652 - OTHER ACTIVITIES 1 CFU (*) in english 1.0 1 G F
22654 - OTHER ACTIVITIES 4 CFU (*) in english 4.0 1 G F
22655 - OTHER ACTIVITIES 2 CFU (*) in english 2.0 1 G F
22656 - OTHER ACTIVITIES 3 CFU (*) in english 3.0 1 G F
Term Term/Semester
Val. Valutation: V = mark in 30/30, G = note
(*) Teaching attended in english
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