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Degree course in EDUCATIONAL SCIENCE (Codice 2120)
Curriculum\Profile description: COMMUNITY EDUCATION

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Detail Degree Course Academic year of the educational offer: 2021/2022
  • Education and training (L-19)

credits total:180

Educational objectives
The reflection on the issues and problems concerning the pedagogical sciences and the management of educational processes within institutions and professional training agencies, companies and public administration structures is the focus of the degree course in "Educational science" From an adequate basic knowledge of pedagogical and teaching-methodological disciplines and of the philosophical, psychological, sociological and anthropological disciplines, the educational programme takes, through mandatory core educational activities relating to historical, geographical, economic, legal, scientific, linguistic, artistic disciplines and to the teaching methodology for the integration of disabled people, a methodological and operational direction. Alongside these latter, there are teaching activities aimed at integrating the knowledge of pedagogical sciences with the study of other human sciences (Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Foreign Languages and Literatures) and at directing the curricular path to the demands of the labor market. During the course of their studies, students will experience firsthand the close observation of the crucial aspects and issues of their future professional role, in a logic of empowerment and according to the guidelines proposed in the educational planning, or based on their personal interests and skills, through an educational path which might be, alternatively, oriented towards the profession or to further studies. Elective activities will be awarded 12 credits. The degree course in " Educational Science " prepares students to deal with and manage the specific issues relating to the educational process in institutions and training institutions, companies or public administration facilities. Specifically, the course is aimed at those who intend to work in the educational process in work contexts, and in organizations and institutions that provide training, being responsible for educational planning, construction of tutoring, educational guidance, evaluation of process and outcomes. Particular attention will be paid to the basic training required to follow the educational processes within the organization of services and training in post-compulsory education. The educational programme is oriented towards network education, as well as to the construction materials and models for training, to training processes integrated with the use of new technologies. The course aims to prepare students to work in professional training and tutoring acquiring technical and operational capabilities related to the organizational culture of public and private educational contexts and developing a professional approach to work.
Professional opportunities
Private/public educational agencies; Educational facilities Social unrest intervention facilities.
Final examination features
To obtain the degree, students must have acquired 180 credits including those relating to the final examination (6 credits). The final test has the objective of assessing the level of maturity and critical skills of the undergraduate, with respect to learning and to the acquired knowledge, on completion of the activities provided by the course syllabus. The final examination consists of a written or oral test, in accordance with the rules fixed every year by the Degree Course Regulations for the final examination, respecting and consistent to the calendar, the ministerial requirements and to the relevant Guidelines of the University.

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Teachings first year
credits Term Val. Area Scientific sector
02351 - GENERAL TEACHING METHODOLOGY course specifications DI VITA (PA) PEDONE (PO) 9.0 1 V A M-PED/03
03233 - THEORETICAL PHILOSOPHY course specifications CALDARONE (PO) PALUMBO (PQ) 6.0 1 V A M-FIL/01
04677 - ENGLISH LANGUAGE(*) 6.0 1 G E
05613 - GENERAL PEDAGOGY course specifications D'ADDELFIO (PA) SIDOTI (RU) 9.0 1 V A, C M-PED/01
04203 - COMPUTER SCIENCE LABORATORY course specifications RUSSOMANDO (PC) ZITO (PC) 6.0 2 V B ING-INF/05
06578 - GENERAL SOCIOLOGY course specifications PEPE (RU) MANNOIA (RU) 9.0 2 V A SPS/07
06864 - HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY course specifications GENNA (PA) RANCADORE (RD) 6.0 2 V A, C M-FIL/06

Teachings second year
credits Term Val. Area Scientific sector
01340 - CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY course specifications BELLANTONIO (PA) 9.0 1 V C M-DEA/01
04470 - CHILDREN'S LITERATURE course specifications KIRCHNER (II) 12.0 1 V A, B M-PED/01
14184 - INTERNSHIP 6.0 1 G F
14400 - SOCIAL STATISTICS course specifications PARROCO (PO) 9.0 1 V B, C SECS-S/05
20726 - HISTORY OF ANGLO-SAXON LANGUAGES course specifications SCHIRINZI (PC) 9.0 2 V B L-LIN/12
Optional subjects 6.0 B
Optional subjects III 6.0 C
Free subjects 6.0 D

Teachings third year
credits Term Val. Area Scientific sector
06079 - COMMUNITY PSYCHOLOGY course specifications LAVANCO (PO) 9.0 1 V C M-PSI/07
18482 - PEDAGOGY OF MIGRATIONS course specifications 6.0 1 V B M-PED/01
05637 - SPECIAL PEDAGOGY course specifications COMPAGNO (PA) 9.0 2 V B M-PED/03
Optional subjects IV 6.0 C
Optional subjects V 6.0 B
Optional subjects VI 9.0 C
Free subjects II 6.0 D

Elective activities

Optional subjects VI credits Term Val. Area Scientific sector
04444 - CONTEMPORARY ITALIAN LITERATURE course specifications CARMINA (PA) 9.0 2 V C L-FIL-LET/11
20727 - CONTEMPORARY ITALIAN THEATRE LITERATAURE course specifications 9.0 2 V C L-FIL-LET/11

Optional subjects credits Term Val. Area Scientific sector
07079 - MODERN HISTORY course specifications ALONZI (PA) 6.0 1 V B M-STO/02
06715 - CONTEMPORARY HISTORY course specifications 6.0 2 V B M-STO/04

Optional subjects III credits Term Val. Area Scientific sector
06120 - SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY course specifications GARRO (RU) 6.0 2 V C M-PSI/05

Optional subjects IV credits Term Val. Area Scientific sector
05349 - CHILD NEUROPSYCHIATRY course specifications ROCCELLA (PA) 6.0 1 V C MED/39
18480 - PEDAGOGY OF HEALTH course specifications SIDOTI (RU) 6.0 1 V C M-PED/01
19591 - DEVELOPMENT DISABILITY course specifications PARISI (RU) 6.0 1 V C MED/39

Optional subjects V credits Term Val. Area Scientific sector
03202 - PHILOSOPHY OF LANGUAGE course specifications DI PIAZZA (PA) 6.0 1 V B M-FIL/05
08700 - HISTORY OF MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY MUSIC course specifications OLIVERI (RU) 6.0 2 V B L-ART/07

Term Term/Semester
Val. Valutation: V = mark in 30/30, G = note
(*) Teaching attended in english
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