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Degree course in ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL SCIENCES (Codice 2063)
Curriculum\Profile description: ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL ANALYSIS

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Detail Degree Course Academic year of the educational offer: 2021/2022
  • Economics (LM-56)

credits total:120

Educational objectives
The educational programme of this Course aims at providing students with advanced knowledge of economic and financial subjects, through the completion and refinement of competences acquired in the 1st cycle and the achievement of qualitative standards comparable with the other European Union Countries. This objective is achieved through the advanced study of economic analysis and policy subjects, as well as of subjects strictly linked to economic science, and of advanced juridical subjects and mathematical-statistic subjects. The educational programme might also provide for specific courses related to economic and financial analysis and to the evaluation of public policies. Other courses are related to economic-regional ambit. The specific economic-financial curriculum is mostly centered on the quantitative aspects of the finance sector (both in the statistical and mathematical ambits), on at least two specializing economic subjects analyzing the functioning of financial markets, and on other historical or quantitative subjects related to the functioning of the banking and credit sector. Specific public- and regional related curriculum entail further economic subjects in the field of applied economics and economic policy, statistical subjects in the public-regional field and company-oriented subjects in the field of administration and management of public agencies and services. The 2nd cycle degree course is characterized by a focus on quantitative methods applied to economic research in a multidisciplinary context. The objective is the training of a skilled economist, capable of interpreting systemic and market economic phenomena and of suggesting in-depth analysis or intervention lines. Such a professional will be able to work in all the autonomous professions of the economic areas or at managerial level both in public and private professional contexts. Some curricula will enable students wishing to become public accountants, to enroll in the relevant register
Professional opportunities
Professional offices, consulting and auditing companies.
Final examination features
It consists of the preparation and discussion of a degree dissertation in which, with the knowledge acquired with the various educational activities, candidates should be able to demonstrate the acquired capability of analysing, with a critical approach and personal contribution, theoretical or applied economic issues, including financial issues and issues related to public policies, economic-financial evaluation, or specific themes related to the specific educational objectives of the 2nd cycle degree course. Students may, if they wish, take the final examination in English.

course outlineNo propaedeutical teaching for this curriculum

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Teachings first year
credits Term Val. Area Scientific sector
15503 - PUBLIC ECONOMICS(*) course specifications BERRITTELLA (PA) 8.0 1 V B SECS-P/03
15969 - PROBABILITY AND STOCHASTIC PROCESSES(*) course specifications ADELFIO (PA) 6.0 1 V C SECS-S/01
18120 - TOPICS IN ECONOMIC POLICY(*) course specifications FURCERI (PA) 8.0 1 V B SECS-P/02
21912 - ENGLISH LANGUAGE B2(*) 4.0 1 G F
15507 - MATHEMATICS FOR ECONOMICS AND FINANCE(*) course specifications CONSIGLIO (PO) 10.0 2 V B SECS-S/06
15532 - ECONOMIC ANALYSIS(*) course specifications CIPOLLINI (PA) 8.0 2 V B SECS-P/01
17644 - CORPORATE STRATEGY(*) course specifications MOCCIARO LI DESTRI (PO) 8.0 2 V B SECS-P/08
21911 - INTERNATIONAL, EU AND COMPARATIVE LABOUR LAW(*) course specifications CAMMALLERI (PA) 6.0 2 V B IUS/07
Free subjects 12.0 D

Teachings second year
credits Term Val. Area Scientific sector
15506 - RISK MANAGEMENT(*) course specifications SCANNELLA (PO) 6.0 1 V B SECS-P/11
15519 - INDUSTRIAL ORGANISATION(*) course specifications TESORIERE (PA) 6.0 1 V B SECS-P/06
18122 - TOPICS IN MACRO AND FINANCIAL ECONOMETRICS(*) course specifications LO CASCIO (PA) 6.0 1 V B SECS-P/05
15508 - INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS(*) course specifications FAZIO (PA) 8.0 2 V C SECS-P/06
16047 - THESIS(*) 18.0 2 G E
Optional subjects 6.0 F

Elective activities

Optional subjects credits Term Val. Area Scientific sector
06634 - INTERNSHIP (*) 6.0 1 G F
10546 - WORKSHOP(*) 6.0 1 G F

Term Term/Semester
Val. Valutation: V = mark in 30/30, G = note
(*) Teaching attended in english
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